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Vehicle Security - Past & Present

Door & Ignition Locks

There was a time when the only way to secure your car or motorbike was to lock it. For cars by locking the doors and for motorbikes by turning the ignition to lock the direction of the front wheel. This level of security proves to be ineffective against theft.

Steering Locks & Wheel Locks

Then came steering wheel & pedal locks for cars and wheel locks for motorbikes These prove not to be effective as thieves with the right tools can render them useless in less than a minute.

Vehicle Alarms

Then came vehicle alarms which set off a loud screeching noise if a thief tries to open the bonnet or doors to gain entry to the car and hot-wire the ignition. They are motion sensor based so work in the same way for motorbikes. The problem with these devices is they are are easily disabled by thieves with the right tools, are more often than not set-off by accident, and can thus prove very unpopular with your neighbours who might not appreciate the loud screeching noise (especially if set off by accident) in the middle of the night.


Then came the immobilizer which prevents the engine from being started unless the correct key or token is present. This makes it difficult for thieves to hot-wire the ignition and drive off with your vehicle. However, an experienced thief may have the ability to hack the system and if not, may just be determined enough to resort to towing the vehicle away. Moreover, in many countries car-jacking or carnapping is becoming a serious problem. This is when the thief literally holds you up in broad daylight and takes control of your car, keys and mobile before you have a chance of immobilising your vehicle.

GPS Tracking Systems

Then came GPS tracking systems, the ultimate and most advanced alarm devices for cars, motorbikes and boats. Even if your vehicle is towed or driven away, it is possible to track the exact location of your vehicle and recover it.

These systems are proving to be the most effective way of deterring vehicle theft and protecting your valuable assets. They have many other benefits such as reduced vehicle insurance costs and personal security.