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How Tramigo Tracker Works

Tramigo has an integrated GPS receiver and communicates with mobile phones over the GSM network via SMS. Tramigo matches GPS coordinates to the closest local landmark and sends its location in relation to that landmark, thus allowing the user to understand the message even without maps.

Just insert a SIM card and your Tramigo is ready to be used immediately! You can use a pre-paid or post-paid SIM and you even get a low balance warning if running out of air time. Make sure the SIM has roaming in all the territories you want to take it to. Alternatively, you can change the SIM when traveling as no data is stored in it so swapping is easy.

Tramigo communicates through SMS with any phone model and with any brand of phone. No need to load any software, just start sending SMS messages. It is easy: sending an SMS "FIND" will return you the current location, speed and direction of the asset. You can see the asset's location on Google Earth satellite maps too!

Tramigo tracking devices come pre-installed with thousands of local landmarks for your country. Tramigo Landmark data is exclusive to Tramigo and is available for over 220 countries and regions.

Up to 10 people can track the unit, each with an individual profile. You can give limited access depending on how much you trust them.

Location Examples:

Send SMS "FIND" to Tramigo device.
Tramigo answers immediately with SMS: John's car: Parked 0.35 km S of Blackfriars Bridge, City of London, UK, 51.50652, -0.10361, 11:06 Feb 20

New York
Send SMS "FIND" to Tramigo device.
Tramigo answers immediately with SMS: Brian's car: Moving, 0.28 km SE of Washington Market Park, Tribeca, New York, NY, 40.71509, -74.00928, NE with speed 50 km/h, 14:17 Jun 25

Send SMS "FIND" to Tramigo device.
Tramigo answers immediately with SMS: Jasmine's car: Moving, at ACSI Clock Tower, Queenstown, Singapore, 1.30253, 103.78031, NE with speed 50 km/h, 11:51 Feb 4

Tramigo's Main Features Include:

  • Check location of your vehicle anytime, anywhere with text messages (SMS)
  • Zone crossing whenever your car nears a preset distance from your home
  • Speed alert if your son is exceeding the preset speed limit of your new car
  • Motion alert: put your Tramigo in a bag and hang it on your hotel door to get an alarm message whenever anyone enters your room
  • Journey report tells you travel details: distance, max speed, idle time in traffic jams etc
  • SOS button for emergencies: One press of the Tramigo's inbuilt SOS button will send a distress message with your location to all users
  • Shut Down Engine via SMS, Ignition Sensing and other IO features
  • Use local language commands on any mobile phone or PC
  • No monthly fees, location information with local GPS powered TLD Landmarks
  • Microphone for in-vehicle listening
  • In-built back-up battery and motion sensor
  • Free M1 Move Smart Phone software
  • M1 Fleet PC software for fleet owners

Tramigo T22 Unit Actual Size

Works as a Backup Phone

Tramigo T22 portable tracking device comes with a handsfree earpiece/microphone allowing calls only to predefined numbers you set.

Patented intelligent power saving allows you to stretch the remaining power in the rechargeable high quality mobile phone battery to last for days, weeks, even months by putting your unit into deeper and deeper sleeping mode when not in use.