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Tramigo Landmark Data

TLD - Tramigo Landmark Directory Data

Tramigo Landmark Data is exclusively available in Tramigo tracking devices. Every T22 includes built-in Tramigo Landmark Data, which helps the user locate their T22 by using practical and easy-to-understand landmark points. The T22 user does not need to understand or study complicated maps and coordinates, just local landmarks. Tramigo end-users don’t need to look for local mapping, every unit is always downloaded with local Tramigo Landmarks.

Several years of hard work and innovative R&D in metropolises, towns, remote deserts and deep jungles in all the continents has created this new patent pending data standard for the GPS and GSM industry. As a result of developed best practices, quality procedures and global data capturing; Tramigo Landmark Data is constantly updated making it the first GPS device data standard available for all the 220 GSM countries and areas.

Everybody understands TLD Landmarks

Since most people understand local landmarks better than traditional and complex maps, landmarks are a common geographical language that everyone is able to speak and understand anywhere in the world. TLD makes the usage of GPS enabled devices so easy first time that every family member can really benefit and enjoy the Tramigo T22 tracking device for car, motorcycle, marine and personal use.

TLD includes commonly known local landmarks that are carefully selected and updated to provide best possible local understanding for T22 use.

TLD includes: All cities, towns and villages plus plenty of information-rich points of interest data, such as hotels, schools, hospitals, post offices, churches, shopping malls, passenger terminals, major interchanges, gasoline/petrol stations, government services, tourist attractions, toll gates, sport arenas, etc.

T22 users can also add their own landmarks, up to 500 points, to complete TLD for the best possible personal and community usage.

More information on TLD Landmarks (including examples) is available at Tramigo's Global website.