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Immobilizer (12v or 24v)

Price: €15.00 (Excl. VAT)

No VAT charged for non-EU countries and clients with registered European VAT number.

Product Details

The T22 Immobilizer has a feature to disable or immobilize an engine with a single command from a mobile phone via text message (SMS). It only requires simple wiring, and when done right, an active engine will not start even if the T22 is removed.


  • You can lock down your car by disabling the engine.
  • In an event of a theft, you can immobilize the engine for easy recovery.
  • Easy to use with multilingual commands.
  • Durable, rugged and resistant to damage.
  • We have a 12v immobilizer for cars and a 24v immobilizer for trucks.
  • You can immobilize your vehicle using any mobile phone or using M1 Move & M1 Fleet software.
  • The immobilizer has an inbuilt IO-cable, which connects directly to the ignition sensing and SOS button without extra wirings.


Disable, ON - command to immobilize.
Disable, OFF - command to unimmobilize.


  • Always make sure to choose a good location to immobilize your vehicle.
  • Be ready to recover your vehicle.
  • Avoid immobilizing when vehicle is moving.

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