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Solar Charger

Price: €35.00 (Excl. VAT)

No VAT charged for non-EU countries and clients with registered European VAT number.

Product Details

Solar charger for your Tramigo T22 tracker. Perfect for trailers, boats and other assets without a power source.

Keeps your Tramigo T22 operational and charges your battery when vehicle/wall power is not available. Running out of power will no longer be a problem when your T22 is installed into vehicles or mobile assets without a power source.

It is flexible and easy to attach to any asset allowing your T22 to remain operational in sleep mode for years without connection to an external power source or worries about draining your vehicle battery. It is compatible with all Tramigo T22 Series tracking devices, power supplied varies on the strength of the sunlight.

It is perfect for use with:

  • Trailers, mobile homes and vehicles left idle for long periods.
  • Machinery or other movable asset without a power source.
  • Marine vessels without a power source for long time docking and any remote area operations where access to vehicle or AC power is limited.
  • Battery charger for T22 portable in outdoor use.

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