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Tramigo Spot

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Product Details

Tramigo Spot - a new level in field security

Spot tracker is a powerful tool for field security organizations and persons who are looking for high-end mobile solutions to greatly improve their daily operations, and offer only the best security service.

What is Spot?

Spot works on Android 4.2 and below. Practical yet cost effective SMS based communication offers a truly secure channel to track the Spot with any SMS capable phone.

For Spot tracking Tramigo offers easy to use and totally free tracking software. Please see more about our M1 Move solution for smartphones and secure M1 Fleet PC software. With both tools you can track multiple Spot units.

Spot Main Idea

Manage your daily operations with precise information

In security operations it is vital to get instant and easy to understand information where the tracked person is. Tramigo Landmark Data turns location coordinates and maps into language that everybody can read and understand. It is based on commonly known landmarks in your geographical area. You can deploy assistance within a few seconds in the right place.

Improve your processes and practices

Spot solution allows security persons' route tracking and checking that schedules are effectively followed. Spot's to the point features like trip reporting, zone crossing and location finding are great tools for this.

The data and experience you are collecting with Spot helps you to sharpen your practices. You can pinpoint working practices and include them as part of your daily processes. In other words, you can stop wasting time and money for unnecessary activities.

Panic Button

Key features

Spot is a feature rich security solution and offers many additional advantages, such as:

  • Panic button notifies location of user instantly in case of emergency
  • Sends alarm if SIM card is removed
  • Phone can be easily recovered if stolen or lost
  • No need for high bandwidth Mobile Internet or GPRS data connection*
  • Works on any Android phone
  • Comes complete with TLD landmarks for all GSM countries*
  • Battery saving mode to optimize phone battery recharging time

*Please note that when Spot is started for the first time, it requires an Internet connection for registering the license. At this step Tramigo Spot also downloads a 1 MB landmark data package around the phone's current location. This covers an area with about 1000km diameter. Afterwards, Spot works within this area without an Internet connection. If the phone goes outside this area and has an Internet connection, new landmark data is downloaded automatically.

Key differentiating factors

  • No monthly fees, one-off payment
  • Tracking available on any phone
  • Tracking enabled without data connection
  • All key advanced tracking features available; such as find, periodic find, zone alarms, trip reports, SOS etc.
  • No server used for tracking: location is delivered directly with SMS between your own devices only
  • Compatible with all other Tramigo products for existing Tramigo users

You can use the comprehensive Tramigo product portfolio, like T22 tracking device, with the Spot to build a total Tramigo solution to fulfill your particular security needs.


Spot Brochure (.pdf)
Spot Quick Guide (.pdf)


For reseller purchases of more than 10 licenses, please contact us.

Order Fulfillment

Please Note: Tramigo Spot has free shipping (licenses are sent by email). After the purchase has been made, you will receive an email with confirmation of your purchase. You will then receive a second email with your license(s) details and installation instructions within 72 hours of your purchase.